OMF Thorn

Thorn is a HAR created by Cliff Brussee on July 4, 2074. Its special abilities are Speed-Kick, Off-Wall Attack and Spike-Charge.

A real favorite among the populace, the Thorn unit was the first to use monofilament technology. The points of the "spikes" come to a single molecule, which gives Thorn a punch that can cut through normal metal like it is paper. This HAR can use its spikes to attack in several different ways. Its long legs also provide a powerful weapon at medium range.


Thorn is a fairly standard power robot with one key weakness, predictability. Most of Thorn's normal moves are completely useless except in combos, forcing a Thorn player to rely on his long reach and excellent special moves for victory. The Speed-Kick and Spike-Charge are the bread and butter of a Thorn player, able to do amazing damage if the opponent is caught off guard. The sweep kick and jump kick are Thorn's other outstanding moves, so by getting used to using those four until one of them gets through, players can start on a short powerful combo. A skilled player will be able to counter every one of these, though, so make sure to don't overuse any single one of them. All in all, it is recommended to use another, more versatile power robot like Flail or Katana.

Move ListEdit

MOVE NAME           | COMMAND          | DMG.   | TYPE 
Jump Punch          | (air) P          | 12.5   | Medium Jump

Jump Kick           | (air) K          | 12.5   | Medium Jump

Jab                 | f+P              | 5      | Light AR

Strong              | P                | 12.5   | Medium AR

Fierce              | b+P              | 16     | Medium

Forward             | K                | 11     | Medium AR

Roundhouse          | b+K              | 17.5   | Heavy KD

Low Jab             | df+P             | 4.5    | Light AR

Low Strong          | d+P              | 12.5   | Medium AR

Low Fierce          | db+P             | 16     | Medium KD

Low Short           | df+K             | 5      | Low

Low Forward         | d+K              | 11     | Low

Sweep               | db+K             | 15     | Low KD

Spike Charge        | f,f+P            | 0+22.5 | Heavy (Throw on 2nd hit)

Speed Kick          | qcf+K            | 10     | Medium KD

Shadow Speed Kick   | hcf+K            | 10+10  | Light (KD on 2nd hit)

Air Speed Kick      | (air) qcf+K      | 10     | Medium KD E0

Off-Wall Attack     | (air, wall) df+K | 16     | Light KD AR

Air Off-Wall Attack | (air) qcb+K      | 16     | Light KD AR E2

Alley Oop           | (close) f+P      | 22.5   | Heavy Throw

Scrap: b,b,f+P

Destruction: u,d+P during 1st hit

Fire & Ice: u,u,d+P during 2nd hit

Notes: The Spike Charge will automatically trigger when hit by a low attack and
the 1st enhancement makes it faster.

Information Courtesy of "One Must Fall 2097: The Definitive FAQ"

by Robyrt(, )

Version 1.251