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Steffan is the arrogant son of the Thomas family, one of the most influential families in the Iolo colony on Luna. Steffan is for all practional purposes a spoiled brat. He believes himself the center of the Universe and knows that Ganymede is simply another step to his final destination, President of WAR. The fact that, at 17, he has the skill and brains of someone twice his age only makes him seem that much more aloof. In combat, as in life, he tends to rely on a vicious onslaught of blows to destroy his opponent.

He has a cameo in Tyrian, another game published by Epic Megagames, where he is shown as one of the protagonists friends. His dialogue references One Must Fall, specifically that he is sad that he will be unable to help his friend as the fight in Tyrian is done in space ships and not with robots.

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