OMF Shredder

Shredder is a HAR from One Must Fall: 2097.


Shredder is considered by some the best robot in OMF 2097, simply because it's got the craziest combos. Any time Shredder lands a headbutt, Flip Kick, or jumpkick, the opponent should die, which is why the player should always be fast to maximize the chances of landing one. Strategy is much the same as for Electra: charge in with a jumpkick, headbutt, or flip kick, then either start a huge combo or mixup attacks until the opponent fails to block, then start a Flip Kick mega-combo. The Flying Hands can be hit, but they're still a good keep-away move and set up Shredder's infinite combo against slower pilots. Fighting against a Shredder is a simple matter of defeating the Flip Kick and headbutts, then moving in.

Move ListEdit

MOVE NAME        | COMMAND     | DMG.  | TYPE


Jump Punch       | (air) P     | 12.5  | Medium Jump

Jump Kick        | (air) K     | 12.5  | Medium Jump

Jab              | P           | 4.5   | Light AR

Fierce           | b+P         | 15    | Medium AR

Forward          | K           | 10    | Light AR

Roundhouse       | b+K         | 17.5  | Heavy

Low Jab          | df+P        | 4     | Light AR

Low Strong       | d+P         | 11    | Medium AR

Low Fierce       | db+P        | 15    | Medium

Low Short        | df+K        | 5     | Low

Low Forward      | d+K         | 11    | Low

Sweep            | db+K        | 17.5  | Low KD

Headbutt         | qcf+P       | 15    | Medium KD

Shadow Headbutt  | qcf,f+P     | 15    | Heavy KD

Air Headbutt     | (air) qcf+P | 15    | Medium KD E0

Flip Kick        | d,d+K       | 11+11 | Light AR

Flying Hands     | qcb+P       | 10+10 | Light AR

Turn Around Toss | (close) f+P | 22.5  | Heavy Throw

Scrap: d,f,P

Destruction: d,u,u,P after 1st hit and before 4th hit

Fire & Ice: u,ub,b,db,d+K right after destruction

Notes: The Flying Hands counts as a projectile, and the 1st enhancement gives
it more range. The 2nd enhancement makes all headbutts faster. A connected
headbutt leaves you in a normal jump situation. The Flip Kick counts as a
Shadow move (i.e. invincible to projectiles on startup).

Information Courtesy of "One Must Fall 2097: The Definitive FAQ"

by Robyrt(, )

Version 1.251



Shredders in Jazz Jackrabbit

Shredders appear in the background of the secret level from Nippius in Jazzy's first game, Jazz Jackrabbit.

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