OMF Pyros

Pyros is a HAR created by James Sweeney on June 5, 2076. Its special abilities are Fire Spin, Super Thrust Attack and Jet Swoop.

The colossal Pyros unit is used primarily for space station design. Normally, the unit is equipped with a huge array of tools necessary to keep deep-space machinery in working condition. It uses its various jet systems to move itself between various objects in space without needing a shuttle or external jet pack.

In combat, the Pyros is a formidable arsenal of flame. It can change the direction in the air, jump forwards and backwards while attacking, and can "swoop" down on an enemy with a powerful blow. Pyros does lack in the speed department, but the damage caused by its flame throwers more than makes up for its sluggish movement.


Don't be fooled by its Thrust Attack, Pyros is a defensive bot all the way. Its flames have godlike priority, b+P and jumpkick are passable anti-air moves, and Jet Swoop is a fast, virtually unpunishable combo starter when done right. However, aside from the Swoop and df+K, everything Pyros has starts and ends way too slowly to make Pyros competitive. Pyros can't even pull off decent air combos compared to the other robots, with an average throw and slow jabs, so it can't do much damage. All in all, there are better options both on offense and defense.


MOVE NAME            | COMMAND     | DMG.  | TYPE


Jump Punch           | (air) P     | 12.5  | Medium Jump

Jump Kick            | (air) K     | 10    | Light Jump

Jab                  | P           | 4     | Light AR

Fierce               | b+P         | 17.5  | Heavy

Forward              | K           | 10    | Light AR

Roundhouse           | b+K         | 15    | Medium AR

Low Jab              | df+P        | 4     | Light AR

Low Strong           | d+P         | 11    | Medium AR

Low Fierce           | db+P        | 17.5  | Heavy

Low Short            | df+K        | 3.5   | Low AR

Low Forward          | d+K         | 10    | Low AR

Low Roundhouse       | db+K        | 15    | Low KD

Super Thrust Attack  | f,f+P       | 15    | Medium KD

Shadow Thrust Attack | f,f,f+P     | 15    | Medium KD

Air Thrust Attack    | (air) f,f+P | 15    | Medium KD E0

Fire Spin            | d,P         | 15+15 | Medium KD

Super Fire Spin      | d,P         | 15x3  | Medium (KD on last 2 hits)

Air Fire Spin        | (air) d,P   | 15    | Light KD E0

Jet Swoop            | (air) d+K   | 17.5  | Medium KD AR

Pyros Barbecue       | (close) f+P | 22.5  | Light Throw

Scrap Part 1: f,f,d,d,P

Scrap Part 2: u+P at 4th hit

Destruction: d+P at 8th hit

Fire & Ice: u,d,d+P at 12th hit

Notes: The Super (or Shadow) Thrust Attack is throw counterable. The 1st 
enhancement makes the Super Thrust Attack faster; the 2nd enhancement makes the
Air Thrust Attack faster and turns the Fire Spin into the Super Fire Spin.

Information Courtesy of "One Must Fall 2097: The Definitive FAQ"

by Robyrt(, )

Version 1.251



Pyros in Jazz Jackrabbit

Several Pyros units appear in the background of the secret level from Marbelara in Jazzy's first game, Jazz Jackrabbit.

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