One Must Fall

"A contest of skill, a test of your abilities, to overcome your enemy, because while one will stand, ONE MUST FALL"
- Opening

One Must Fall is the first "game" in the series, a demo created by Diversions Entertainment in 1993 in the wake of the success of Street Fighter II. The game was never commercially released, as it was considered too repetitive and slow, although on modern computers, the game will typically run many times faster than the original speed, and the speed can be changed in the options menu (Esc button). One Must Fall was featured in several collections of shareware and freeware games.



The two fighters

One Must Fall features two human karate fighters, player 1 being the one with black hair and red karate gi, and player 2 the blonde with blue gi. The two fight in a single arena, a sunset (or sunrise) background near water. Players can kick, punch, and throw their opponent in two ways; both players can also throw high and low fireballs, teleport, and do a special jump kick. While the game starts with both characters set for human players, the player can fight against the CPU by entering in the options menu and also adjust the difficulty.

Default ControlsEdit

CommandPlayer 1Player 2
LeftLeft ArrowA
RightRight ArrowD
JumpUp ArrowW
CrouchDown ArrowX
KickRight ShiftR

Special Moves:

  • Teleport: Down, Forward, Punch
  • Low fireball: Down, Back, Punch
  • High fireball: Down, Back, Kick
  • Special jump kick: Down, Forward, Kick

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