Major Kreissack
SpecialtyPresident of WAR

Major Hans Kreissack is the final boss from One Must Fall: 2097. He is responsible for the success of WAR. It is rumored that there is much more to the new colony in Ganymede than is known by the general public. Many say that he is preparing to declare himself a new Emperor of the solar system. This threat is weighed heavily by his known armada of HARs and the mysterious Nova Project he's spent the last two years on.

If the player reaches the final stage on the Punching Bag or Rookie difficulty, Kreissack will say "I am not impressed with your pathetic fighting skills. Come back when you've learned to fight." and the game will end. To face him and see the ending, the difficulty must be set on Veteran or higher. He controls Nova, one of the most recent and powerful HARs created by WAR.


Kreissack isn't playable, but after Kreissack's defeat, the first part of the ending is the same for all ten playable characters:


The head of Kreissack's HAR, Nova

You awaken in your own body. For a few moments, you come down from the adrenaline high you've experienced. Your body seems so frail now. The team is already celebrating, and you welcome their congratulations.
The time to party is short-lived. Your mind takes in the last few hours events and the knowledge that an entire moon is now yours to command.
"Wait a sec!" Comes a panicking voice from a vidmonitor. "Everyone! Listen!" He turns up the volume and everyone in the room is quiet.
"...was found dead today. We repeat, Hans Kreissack's body was found at 18:00 hours tonight in a garbage bin outside the Nova laboratories."
Everyone is holding their breath as the news reporter continues. "We have been handed this notice that was to be read when Kreissack won the fight tonight. It reads:"
"Notice to all humans: A new day has begun! Nova, a project started by WAR., will give new life! This process can take a human brain and place it inside a robotic body."
"What you saw tonight was me, Hans Kreissack, directly connected to a new form of H.A.R. The human race will now see its ultimate evolution!"
The announcer lays down the digipad containing the message. "Tragically, all scientists close to the project have been killed in a fire which broke out shortly after the last match tonight. All records of the Nova project were destroyed."
"In other news..."
A crew member switches the display off. "Well, looks like we'll be lookin' for a new boss now..."

After this, the scene changes to the individual character endings.