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Katana is a HAR from One Must Fall: 2097 and One Must Fall: Battlegrounds.


One Must fall: 2097[]

Often advertised as "The Ultimate Weapon", Katana is nothing more than deadly force. Using monofilament blades for hands, this unit can carve through a five-meter-thick wall of solid lead in less than ten seconds. Behind the blades are two very strong legs which allow the Katana to perform some amazing offensive maneuvers.

The Katana can jump, extending one arm upward, high enough to knock airplanes out of the sky. It can use its powerful legs to stomp on an enemy. It can also leap towards a wall, then use the force of the rebound to turn itself into a spinning mass of sharp steel.

One Must Fall: Battlegrounds[]

Created by the long-dead leader of W.A.R., Katana has always been advertised as "The Ultimate Weapon". Using molecule-sharp blades in place of hands, it can carve through armor in seconds. Katana combines its deadly hand-to-hand abilities with a powerful set of legs that can propel it into the air or off walls to attack opponents. These lunging strikes, combined with Katana's spinning combo attacks, make it perfect for attacking several opponents at once.

Move List[]

One Must fall: 2097[]

Name Input Damage Notes
Rising Blade QCF+P 12+4.8 Can be done in the air
Shadow Rising Blade HCF+P 12+4.8+4.8
Forward Razor Spin QCF+K 11
Back Razor Spin QCB+K 11
Head Stomp (air) D+K 15
Fireball QCB+P 17.5
Volley Ball Set (close) f+P 25
Scrap HCB+P
Destruction HCF+P during 1st hit
Fire & Ice HCF+K during 2nd hit

One Must Fall: Battlegrounds[]

Name Input Damage Notes
Razor Spin F, F+K 23
Rebound Strike D, D+jump 28 Can be done in the air
Rising Blade F, F+P 31 (LP)
42 (RP)
Side Rising Blade L, L+P or R, R+P 28 (LP)
34 (RP)
Sonic Blade B, F+P 21 Hold P to aim
Super Blade Spin F, F+KK 60
Super Razor Spin (air) F, F+KK 53
Super Rising Blade F, F+PP 60