Ibrahim Hothe
SpecialtyRobotics Engineer

Ibrahim Hothe is one of the playable characters in the single player mode from One Must Fall: 2097 and an opponent in the tournaments.

A retired triathlete, Ibrahim believes in a sharp mind and body. Probably the best designer of HARs, he has under his belt the design of the Jaguar, Mantis, and Omega robots. The Jaguar is his most famous, since the Mantis and Omega are mostly used for exploration of hostile environments (EHE) missions. Ibrahim is considered a mentor by many of the pilots, as he is always seen in the docking bays making sure "his babies" are being taken care of. Ganymede will no doubt give him more influence over new designs, and though he craves the position he still wants to design the future 'bots. He cares little for the inner politics of WAR, but simply loves the machines.

His knowledge of the internal workings of the HARs makes him a favorite to win. He often will take a few hits and then return fire with incredible accuracy.

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