OMF Gargoyle


This ruler of the air is also a break from traditional fighting, and the best robot in the game. Just like usual, most of Gargoyle's normal moves are useless (with the exceptions of his fierces and jab), making you rely on the overpowered triangle jump: Rising Talon into Wing Charge into Diving Claw.Rising Talon is the game's best anti-air move, with priority over every other air attack (it goes right through an air Rising Blade), and it beats most ground moves as well. If you miss completely or hit a grounded opponent, cancel into Wing Charge for a fast horizontal attack and combo starter. If that is about to miss or get blocked, tack on a Diving Claw to force them into blocking plus eat almost any retaliation. Most robots have no way to jump against Gargoyle or prevent him from jumping thanks to this. Basically, only Jaguar,Katana and Chronos have even a hope of surviving an air match against the Gargoyle, making it one of the game's best bots. Be careful, though: if your opponent backs you into a corner, Gargoyle has no way to get out.

Move ListEdit



Jump Punch      | (air) P     | 12.5 | Medium Jump

Jump Kick       | (air) K     | 12.5 | Medium Jump

Jab             | P           | 4    | Light AR

Fierce          | b+P         | 15   | Medium

Short           | f+K         | 6    | Light AR

Forward         | K           | 11   | Medium AR

Roundhouse      | b+K         | 17.5 | Medium KD

Low Jab         | df+P        | 4    | Light AR

Low Strong      | d+P         | 11   | Medium AR

Low Fierce      | db+P        | 12   | Medium

Low Short       | df+K        | 5    | Low

Low Forward     | d+K         | 10   | Low

Sweep           | db+K        | 15   | Low KD

Rising Talon    | qcf+P       | 17   | Light KD

Wing Charge     | f,f+P       | 15   | Light KD

Air Wing Charge | (air) f,f+P | 15   | Light KD E0

Diving Claw     | (air) d+K   | 16   | Heavy KD

Reverse Bomb    | (close) f+P | 22.5 | Light Throw

Scrap: hcf+P

Destruction: d,u,d+P during 1st hit

Fire & Ice: d,d,d+P during 2nd hit

Notes: Gargoyle can control its jump or Diving Claw with the arrow keys. The 

Rising Talon has limited invincibility and once it is finished leaves you in a

normal jump situation. The 2nd enhancement makes the Air Wing Charge faster.

Information Courtesy of "One Must Fall 2097: The Definitive FAQ"

by Robyrt(, )

Version 1.251