The Furious Four.

In the tournament mode the player can select a picture and a matching, unique paintjob for the HAR to boot. The player is free to name their character. The differences are purely cosmetic, choosing one over the other makes no difference in gameplay. The images and paintjobs are stored in a PLAYER.PIC file in the OMF folder. It can be replaced with more characters from here.

Tournament ModeEdit

Irrespective of selection
Jaguar 4

Jaguars of the furious four.

of any character, the player automatically starts with $2000K, a Jaguar HAR, one unit of power, endurance and agility for themselves and one unit each of arm power, leg power, arm speed, leg speed, stun resistance and armor for their HAR. The maximum units of upgrades for the player's HAR of choice vary depending upon the HAR. The player's character is maxed out at 25 units each of power, endurance and agility.