Fire is one of the two hidden opponents in the One Must Fall: 2097 single player mode. Fire only appears if the difficulty is set to Deadly or Ultimate, which is done by setting the difficulty first to World Champion and then pressing the right key 20 times. This sets the difficulty to Deadly. Pressing the keys O, M and F and pressing right once more unlocks Ultimate difficulty.

To face Fire, the player has to defeat any of the default ten opponents in the Fire Pit stage, perform a destruction move on the defeated opponent, followed by the HAR's Fire/Ice move. Now the player will face-off against Fire. Destructing Fire and performing the Fire/Ice move in Ultimate difficulty unlocks Ice. Fire, like Ice, does not have a gender, but takes the gender of the opponent defeated previously.

Fire hosts the player in an unique bright orange version of the Fire Pit. Fire has a unique flames paintjob for the Katana and has all the hidden upgrades for the Katana HAR, meaning the five hit shadow rising blade and fireball are unlocked. Any move performed while fighting Fire have a x5 points multiplier. Destructing Fire will result in the floor of the regular fire pit to be solid instead of the mesh and no fire orbs will be found.

Modders have succeeded in replicating Fire for tournament modes.

Single Player ModeEdit


Fire's Katana

  • Difficulty: (World) Champion, Deadly and Ultimate
  • Gender: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Bot: Katana
  • Power: Very high
  • Endurance: Very high
  • Agility: Very high
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