In addition to the four default tournaments OMF 2097 can support upto six more user created tournaments. These tournaments are created and distributed by fans. Some of them can be plagued by poor design, glitches, bugs etc but some are pure works of art. They often push the envelope much further than the four regular tournaments. While the power, endurance and agility of the user's tournament player maxes out at 25 units, the tournament competitors can be pushed upto 128 units of each. Also the player's bot's arm and leg power and speed, armour and stun res is usually under 10 units, the custom opponents can have upto 32 units of the same. Some of the best tournaments are by a fan called Anakonda. Adding more than ten tournaments can cause OMF to crash.

One of the most prolific collection of tournaments is hosted by a fan called Niraj. They can be downloaded from here. Niraj's tournament downloads.

Recommended six tournaments are -

Elite World Championship (By Anakonda).

Europe Challenge (Minder).

The One Must Fall Message Board Open - Light (Robyrt and Destruction lover).

The Revenge of Anakonda (Anaconda).

The Secret Master's Tournament (Ian Schlaepfer).

The Sky of Lighting (Anakonda and Anapan).

Also available are other hacks and goodies from here. Niraj's other downloads

Recommended hacks are -

Character & Tournament Hacks (by Chaos BlackMajik) (Edit money, wins, name and stats of your pilots, easiest to use).

Extra Characters (Most of the tournament opponents available as player characters along with the default four).

OMF Character Editor (by DosAscii) (Same as the one by Chaos BlackMajik, allows viewing stats of the other competitors but slower to use).

OMF Key (Bind buttons for Scrap, Destruction and Fire/Ice moves to a single key i.e punch or kick).

Tournament Character Pack 1 2 3 4 (Extra pilots).

Tournament Compiler (To make your own custom tournaments)

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